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Zihuatanejo (Culture, Beaches, Nightlife):

Playa la Ropa:

Begin your journey in Zihuatanejo with the reason why so many travel and live in this peaceful corner of the world.


Dip your toes in the sand, take in some blissful sun (don’t forget your sunscreen) and have fun splashing in the tranquil waters at the Playa la Ropa. Enjoy this crescent stretch of beach, with several restaurants nearby for when you need a break from all that sunshine.

Archaeological Museum of the Great Coast:

Take a pause from the sun and spend some time exploring the unique history of the surrounding area at the Archaeological Museum of the Great Coast! By each display there are placards with the information written in Spanish, but at the entrance there are handouts offered in English to aid you as the tour moves through the six room Museum.

Breathe in all of the history, as it is wondrous to see these antiquities up close. Walk past by walls illustrated with murals, and see artifacts gathered from the settlement of the beautiful place you have chosen to visit.

Shore Excursion:

Enough with the history lesson. Now, let’s get back to this century!

While you’re in town take advantage of the Ixtapa Zihuatanejo City Tour. This tour will be the absolute best way to learn about the highlights and culture this charming village has to offer.

Enjoy the stories and insights into all that surrounds you with a small group (no more than 14 per group), as you’re lead through the brightly colored town square of Zihuatanejo, get a chance to see the brilliant view (and take pics) of the Zihuatanejo Bay.

Explore the market (don’t forget some spending money) before heading to the lushes lagoon with the natural wildlife. There is the scenic drive for all the best views of the countryside before you’ll be dropped off at the Main Pier. Truly, this is not an experience to miss!

Las Gates Kayaking and Snorkeling:

After all that touring it’s time to get back to the beach! Take your market goodies and favorite beach towel to go dipping in some of the beautiful water. At Las Gates there is Kayaking or Snorkeling offered for the day. 

Do not miss out on the legendary experience of paddling through the clear waters, or diving beneath the surface to say hello to the aquatic locals. Through a guided tour you will be picked up at the Zihuatanejo Bay or at your hotel lobby, and driven 20 minutes to the perfect spot! You’ll paddle, relax on the shore, snorkel, and have a provided lunch before returning to your hotel. Now who doesn’t want to take the morning to do all that?!

Senior Frog’s:

It has been such a busy day, now all we need to make this trip perfect is a cold drink and some music! At the Senor’s Frog, there’s food, drinks and music. What else do you really need at the end of an awesome day?