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Playa Principal:

What’s in a name, becuase “Playa Principal” is one of the principle beaches to visit, while staying in Zihuatanejo. Enjoy a coffee, take a look at local venders or just relish a relaxing walk down the wayfare.

Zihuatanejo Bay: 

Step into the real timeless nature of Zihuatanejo, and feel the authentic rhythm of all this bay has to offer. Rimmed by beautiful white beaches and palm trees, there is plenty of activity to seek out. Relax by the water or partake in a city tour. This charming spot is the place to be at when visiting!

Ciclopista de Ixtapa: 

If you’re up for seeing a bit of the surrounding area take the opportunity to view through a biking tour! Rental bikes are easily available and the bike path is well marked, so don’t worry about getting lost. The route guides visitors through Ixtapa, around the marina, under lushes trees and butterflies. Take this moment with nature, away from the busy streets and see why this has become a must see destination!

Kopado’s Music Bar:

Need a little more excitement after that relaxing bike tour? Try “Kopado’s Music Bar” which is know for the speciality drinks and the live music. Join the locals under the palapa-covered perch in Ixtapa’s main shopping center as the sun starts to fade just in time for dinner, drinks and some dancing!