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Food: Feasting for all

Deborah’s Chili Beans:

Let’s start off with somewhere locals stop off at for a delicious meal. Perfectly located in the center of town, “Deborah’s Chili Beans”offers great food, friendly staff and easy hours. Whether you’re just after a quick lemonade or some tasty tacos stop by while doing some city touring in Ixtapa.

Restaurante Tentaciones:

If fine dining is more of your style “Restaurante Tenaciones” should do perfectly! Situated on top of the hills overlooking the Zihuatanejo bay, this is the spot for a sunset view with a top notch dinner! Enjoy the beautiful sights, thoughtful service and a dining experience you will not easily forget.

Tamales y Atoles Any:

Look no further for the authentic Mexican meal than Tamales y Atoles Any. Feel the rhythm and delight in experiencing a flavorful meal, provided by a friendly staff in a lively atmosphere. The menus blissfully have English options (gracias!) which certainly helps if you have just spent the day at the beach and are looking for a relaxing dinner without too much fuss. Just some good food and pleasant atmosphere.

Carmelitas Cafe:

Family owned, this fantastic little place has so many options that you could bring the whole family! The breakfasts here are legendary and definitely need to be tasted. There is a great mix of healthy options (try the zucchini with ricotta side if you get the chance) … and some not so healthy options. Basically, there is something for everyone. Maybe try to stopped by for a meal before beginning your tour around the city.

El Agave:

Tucked away from the busy city center, El Agave delivers mouth watering dishes and enchanting ambiance. This fine little restaurant will give you the gourmet experience you have alway wanted for the best price, so how could you say no?